Scavenge for sea glass

If you’re close to the seashore or banks of a river, a close look at the pebbles might reveal rounded shards of milky white, green or blue glass.

Instead of being shiny like new glass, sea glass has been buffeted and worn down by the scrubbing action of rocks, pebbles and sand over many years.

Although these are technically remnants of littering, they can be salvaged and turned into interesting items. Small fragments can look like gemstones, and you can use silver-coated wire to make your own jewellery like pendants or earrings. They look pretty gathered into a small jar and sat on a windowsill in the sunshine.

With larger pieces, try holding them in front of your smartphone or camera lens as a filter, and snap some photos through it on a bright day. You can achieve some strange and abstract effects!

Have you found your own sea glass? What other things can you think of to do with it? Let us know when you’ve tried this activity and share your Comments below to inspire others!

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    Hurrey Im here and a part of this site


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