Cuddle your favourite tree

If you don’t have a favourite tree already, now’s the time! Find a tree that means something to you, and show it some love.

“Tree hugging” is often associated with a hippy lifestyle, but there is evidence out there that hugging a tree is good for you. Simply being outside, especially in green spaces with trees, provides health benefits for mental illness including hyperactivity, anxiety and depression and our brains work better when there are trees and plants nearby.

Giving a tree a hug causes the hormonee oxytocin to be released by your brain. Known as the “cuddle hormone”, it helps us to feel relaxed and develop attachment. Best of all, hugging a tree is free, so please come back and share your thoughts below to inspire others to do this activity!

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  1. had the chance to hug some 600 years old oaks a few weeks ago, and planning to hug them again when i get the chance


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