Enjoy a rainy day!

Rain can sometimes make us feel glum, but there’s no need to be stuck inside. Showers can stimulate all of your senses and refresh your mind.

Find yourself the biggest, deepest puddle you can and jump in feet first, or ditch the umbrella and enjoy catching rain on your tongue.

Put out some upside-down pots, bowls and tins of different sizes and materials; glass, tin, and plastic. Listen to the different musical sounds rain makes and see what different notes you can produce.

Rain can make the land and streets smell different too, and this phenomenon is called petrichor. It is caused by a molecule called geosmin which lives in soil and releases a satisfying earthy scent ashen combined with other chemicals washed in by rainfall.

Native American tribes believed they could summon rain and wind by performing special dances while wearing blue items such as feathers and gemstones. They would sometimes travel to towns suffering from drought and offer to perform a dance in exchange for payment. Why not put on your bluest outfit and try creating your own rain dance!

The sun can’t shine all the time, so try one of our wild ideas the next time it rains. Come back afterwards (once you’re dry!) and share your thoughts below to inspire others.

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