Feed the birds

This is a wonderful activity to invite a little bit of wildness right onto your doorstep. No matter where you live, there is a good chance that the local bird life will appreciate your generosity.

There are many types of feeders available but the simplest is a bird table or hanging post that you can put seed and scraps on. If you have DIY skills it is very straight-forward to build your own table, or you can buy a feeding station online to get started quickly and easily. Once you have a sturdy base, you can attach extra feeders to it.

The types of food you put out will determine what types of bird you might attract; finches prefer small seeds such as niger seed, peanutsare enjoyed by sparrows and tits, and sunflower hearts or suet balls are appreciated by almost any bird, especially in Winter. There are different types of feeders that are suitable for different types of food and help to ensure that you don’t create waste.

Buying birdfood in bulk is a cheaper way, but this can be addictive and costly, and you might want to avoid really cheap bulk bags of mixed seed; these often contain grains and maize that don’t appeal to many birds except pigeons!

A couple of additional tips:

  • Once you start feeding, don’t stop suddenly as the birds may come to rely on your generosity, especially during Winter.
  • It is very important that you clean your feeders often. Dirty feeders can cause diseases to spread between birds, and can cause them serious harm.
  • Feeders make great gifts, especially if they are pre-filled with food and ready to hang up!

Come back when you’ve finished the challenge and share your Comments below to inspire others to do this activity!

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