Make a home for hedgehogs

Who doesn’t love a hedgehog? If you are lucky enough to have these spiky mammals snuffling around your garden at night, why not make them a comfortable home?

Hedgehogs are unmistakable, and are a true gardeners friend. They enjoy eating beetles and other insects, as well as slugs, so are an effective natural method of pest control! Sadly, hedgehog numbers in Great Britain are declining – these amazing creatures need our help.

There is an old tradition of putting milk and bread out for hedgehogs, which sadly ins’t really recommended as it could make them ill. You can buy good quality hedgehog food, or even cat food (avoid fishy flavours!), and leave this out along with a bowl of water instead. Of course, if hedgehogs can’t get into your garden at all, you won’t see them so you might think about creating a hole in your fence or wall to allow free access.

Barriers like fences are thought to be one of the reasons why hedgehog numbers are dropping, and by creating a hole roughly 13cm by 13cm you create a “hedgehog highway” that allows them to move freely and exand their feeding range. You could even ask your friendly neighbours to consider doing the same.

Hedgehogs are largely nocturnal and enjoy a nice comfy space filled with dried leaves to sleep in during the day. They will also hibernate through the coldest Winter months, so you can help by creating a hedgehog house! If you are handy with tools, then there are some fantastic instructions on The Wildlife Trusts website, but if you’d like to install a house straight away there are some ready-built hedgehog homes available to buy.

Do you get hedgehogs in your garden? We’d love to hear about what you’ve seen and whether any of these activities attract hedgehogs to your home. Share your Comments below to inspire others to do this activity!

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