Wake to a sunrise

It’s time to set your alarm early tomorrow, get up with the birds and enjoy the rising sun.

Most of us have seen a sunset, but have you ever seen the sunrise? You can check your sunrise times using the BBC Weather wesbite, or most weather apps will also give you the times you need.

Waking up half an hour before sunrise will give you time to find a comfy spot, make yourself a cup of tea and listen to the dawn chorus as the birds wake up beside you.

If you want to make this activity easier, you might want to try it in the Winter when the sun rises later in the day, but you might have to wrap up warm inside a sleeping bag!

Five reasons why watching a sun rise is good for you:

  1. It will put you in a great mood for the rest of the day
  2. You’ll enjoy some amazing colours that you wouldn’t normally see
  3. It will give you a new found appreciation for the mornings (maybe!)
  4. Listening to birdsong can improve cognition and reduce tiredness
  5. Many people find watching a sunrise gives them a sense of wellbeing and hope for the day ahead

Have you tried waking earlier to watch the sunrise? How did it make you feel? Share your comments below to inspire others to do this activity!

Remember to click the Like button to show you have completed this #RandomActofWildness.

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