Wild Alphabet Challenge

Do you think you can find something in the wild beginning with each letter of the alphabet? It’s harder than you think!

Starting with “A” try to find something outdoors, in your garden, or in a book beginning with that letter – you could challenge yourself to find one every day. It can be especially helpful to to look in reference books or online (especially the Latin names of creatures which often start with harder letters such as X and Z!) and you can also think about making the letters yourself by arranging found materials or looking for shapes in trees and flowers.

Our 365DaysWild Twitter community has enjoyed sharing their finds for the #WildAlphabet photo challenge, so you could always look there for inspiration too.

We’ve love to see what you come up with (especially for X and Z!) so please come back when you’ve finished the challenge and share your Comments below to inspire others to do this activity!

Remember to click the Like button to show you have completed this #RandomActofWildness.

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