Try timelapse photography

Find a fixed point and take a photograph from the same position every minute, hour or day to see how a patch or plant changes over time.

You don’t need expensive equipment – you can use your smartphone or tablet – but a camera and tripod can help you to ensure you are in the exact same spot for every photo.  A beanbag or a plastic bag filled with sand or rice can act as a DIY tripod to help you keep your camera steady.

Shorter-duration timelapses work well with things that change quite quickly, like bugs munching leaves or windblown clouds.  Take a photo from the same position every minute.

Medium-duration timelapses work well with things that move slowly, like the position of shadows or plants that move in relation to the position of the sun. Try taking a photo every 10 minutes or longer.

Longer-duration timelapse can be great for recording changes in your local landscape. For example, take a photo of your garden or favourite tree every day from the same position.

Once you have your images you can use apps or software to turn them into a timelapse movie! You could try using Time Lapse Creator for Microsoft Windows on your PC or laptop, or use an app like Framelapse (for Android) or Hyperlapse for Instagram (IoS). The more images you manage to take, the longer and more effective your timelpase video will be!

Have you made a wildlife timelapse? We’d love to see! Come back when you’ve finished the challenge and share your video with us to inspire others to do this activity!

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