Look for the old ways

It can be a lot of fun looking at old maps of where you live, or your favourite wild spaces. If you live in a built-up area, it can be fascinating to imagine how the land would have looked a hundred years ago, and old maps are a great place to start.

The National Library of Scoland Map explorer is a great place to start – the website is a useful portal to old Ordnance Survey maps for mainland UK (not just Scotland!), many of which go back to the 1800’s. The tool lets you compare different types of old maps with current maps side-by-side, so you can easily see changes that have occured over time.

Try looking for features that are worth exploring. Some habitats haven’t changed for over 100 years and are often some of the most interesting and diverse places to explore. Look for old quarries or ponds in woodland, or ruins of buildings that no longer stand but offer nooks and crannies for wildlife to thrive. Looking at old maps can often reveal signs of paths and trails that you may never have explored before too!

What interesting things can you find in yourea? How much has it changed? Come back when you’ve finished the challenge and let us know in the Comments section below to inspire others to do this activity!

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