Wild sounds for sleep

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sounds of nature? Some people find natural sounds almost hypnotic, and find that sounds such as wind, rain or running water can help them to relax and drift off to dreamland. Listening to natural sounds can also help you to relax if you are feeling anxious  – before a test, an interview or dentists appointment, for example.

There are lots of videos and sounds available on the internet that you could use, but why not record your own and see which you find most relaxing? Ideas for sounds could include:

  • Birdsong
  • Falling rain
  • A stream or waterfall
  • Waves on the seashore
  • Wind in the trees

Try using a recording device, tablet or smartphone to record about ten minutes of sounds. You can then play this back on repeat at a low volume at bedtime, and soon you will be nodding off to nature!

Come back when you’ve tried this activity and share your Comments below to inspire and help others! Did the sound help you to relax? What sound do you think is most relaxing?

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