Take a wild detour

If you walk or cycle to school or work, you probably follow the same route every day without thinking about it. Why not change things up a little with the occasional mini adventure?

A good place to start is by looking at a map of your route. Take note of any potentially interesting areas that might lie just off your normal route. Look, for example, at places such as ponds, streams, rivers, canals, parks, old churchyards or even waste ground.

You might find that, with just a little detour, you could find a beautiful, peaceful spot that most other people simply rush past. It might even give you the opportunity to spot new and interesting wildlife that you have never seen before in your area, and enjoying some time in a wild place is a great “buffer” between a busy day of work or study and a relaxing evening at home.

Come back when you’ve finished the challenge and share your Comments below to inspire others to do this activity! What kind of habitats can you find along your daily walk? What different things have you seen there?

Remember to click the Like button to show you have completed this #RandomActofWildness.

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