Climb for a wild view

Challenge yourself and scale the summit of your nearest peak or hill and enjoy noticing the  different plans, birds and animals that live higher up. It’s often colder and windier the higher you go, so remember to let people know where you are going, and take clothes suitable for wet or cold weather as well as food and water. When you reach the top, enjoy a rest and see how far you can see! Can you see other exciting places to visit? Can you see any unusual landmarks? Are there other hills nearby that you could enjoy? If you take a map with you, the top of a hill is a delightful place to test your map skills by matching up what you can see with what is on the map.

It doesn’t have to be a mountain – small hills are often mor accessible and offer just the same rewards as their taller cousins! You don’t even have to reach the top for it to be a satisfying adventure – the author and poet Nan Sheperd wrote a book called “The Living Mountain”, which is a wonderful account of walking the Cairngorm hills and mountains  in Scotland. She wrote “aiming for the summit is not the only way to climb” – what do you think she meant by this?

If there are no hills nearby, why not go upstairs or into your loft, if you have one, take some binoculars and see what you can spy! You might notice new sights, or spot wildlife that you couldn’t see from down low.

Come back when you’ve finished the challenge and share your Comments below to inspire others to do this activity! You can also share pictures on our social media.

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